Privacy Statement

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This Privacy Statement applies to the processing of personal information provided by sponsors, donors, volunteers, campaign starters, participants and business contacts (hereafter referred to as: Personal Data), as well as data obtained from visits to and the use of the crowdfunding website for the climate coalition by Stichting Greenpeace Nederland.

Stichting Greenpeace Nederland is the owner of this website and, together with Vereniging Milieudefensie, the data obtained via this website. Stichting Greenpeace Nederland and Vereniging Milieudefensie jointly determine the purpose for which the data is to be processed. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), Stichting Greenpeace Nederland and Vereniging Milieudefensie are jointly responsible for the processing of data. This website has been created with Kentaa, a product of Kentaa B.V. Kentaa is a 'Processor' pursuant to the AVG. Kentaa is required to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your Personal Data. Greenpeace Netherlands Foundation and Friends of the Earth Society have signed a Processing Agreement with Kentaa which explicitly includes this.

Purpose of processing your Personal Data

Through this website Stichting Greenpeace Nederland processes (Personal) Data for the following purposes:

Creating and managing an action page and establishing and executing sponsorship, gift, donorship or crowdfunding on behalf of the Climate Coalition.

Stichting Greenpeace Nederland records data such as name, e-mail address and bank details, data relating to transactions, donations, participation data, or data that are relevant if you come into contact with Stichting Greenpeace Nederland or contribute financially to the objectives of the Climate Coalition as a sponsor, donor, collector, action starter or participant in actions or events.

Informing you about activities

Vereniging Milieudefensie keeps sponsors, donors, action starters, participants, volunteers, 'friends' and other interested parties informed of Climate Coalition activities via e-mail if you have given your permission. Stichting Greenpeace Nederland, as joint data controller and owner of this website, will always ask you for permission before processing your personal data. Vereniging Milieudefensie may also ask you in e-mailings for (financial) support for the Climate Coalition.

Optimising the website and e-mail

In order to optimise the content of e-mails from Stichting Greenpeace Nederland, open and click-through rates of e-mails may be viewed and recorded on an individual level. Stichting Greenpeace Nederland does this to keep the messages as interesting as possible for the recipients. Cookies are also placed on the Stichting Greenpeace Nederland website in order to optimise the website and to be able to offer targeted content. For more information, see the Cookie Statement.
Method of processing your Personal Data

Stichting Greenpeace Nederland collects (and thereby processes) personal data via various forms on this website. If you start an action, sponsor or make a donation, Stichting Greenpeace Nederland may ask you for personal details.  Stichting Greenpeace Nederland also does this if you request information, enquire about activities, ask a question or respond on the website. The Greenpeace Netherlands Foundation also does this when you register to receive an (e-mail) newsletter, 

Security of your Personal Data

To protect your personal data, Stichting Greenpeace Nederland has taken appropriate physical, technical and organisational measures. Through its processor Kentaa, Stichting Greenpeace Nederland uses a secure server that is only accessible to persons who are authorised to do so. Any data that you fill in on online forms will be sent encrypted. Data of participants, campaign starters, sponsors, donors, volunteers, friends and other interested parties are stored in secured systems.

Retention period of your Personal Data

We will not retain your data any longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes set out in this Privacy Statement and to comply with the time limits set by law and the tax authorities for the retention of financial data.


For the execution and processing of sponsoring, support payments, donations and crowdfunding, Stichting Greenpeace Nederland, through its processor Kentaa, engages Mollie B.V. Mollie B.V. processes the payment between the donation platform and your bank or credit card provider. Mollie B.V. will have access to your payment information. Stichting Greenpeace Nederland and Kentaa respectively have concluded a processing agreement with Mollie B.V. in which the obligations of Mollie B.V. to take appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection of your personal data are recorded.

Your data for action starters, participants and project leaders

If you make a donation, give a sponsor gift or participate in a crowdfunding campaign (for example: make a one-time donation or contribute to a crowdfunding or campaign), the action starter/participant who sponsors you or the project leader of the crowdfunding campaign for which you made the donation will have access to your contact details and your donation. Your data will only be used to inform the action starter, participant or project manager, to send a thank-you note or to keep you informed of a campaign or action. Your data will not be made available to third parties. You can object to your data being processed by Stichting Greenpeace Nederland. The provisions are applicable in full to this processing of your personal data.

Your rights

Stichting Greenpeace Nederland and the processors it engages respect your rights under the AVG. You may at any time and without cost gain insight into your data that is processed by Stichting Greenpeace Nederland and, if so desired, correct or have removed such data. You can contact us to obtain this overview, amend or remove the data.

If you so wish, you may also receive your data in a machine-readable format (via a link enabling you to download the data), for example because you wish to pass them on to another body. You can also object to receiving targeted information about the services provided by Vereniging Milieudefensie on behalf of the Climate Coalition by e-mail, telephone, post and/or SMS. You can report your request to take your data with you or to object to the processing of your personal data to Stichting Greenpeace Nederland via the e-mail address: If you have any other questions about the processing of your personal data, you can also report them to the aforementioned e-mail address.

In the event that you ask Stichting Greenpeace Nederland to delete your data from its database, Stichting Greenpeace Nederland will respond in a proportionate manner. In some cases it is not possible to fully comply with the request to delete your data. For example, because the Tax Authorities require agreements to be kept for 7 years. Also, if you request not to be contacted by Vereniging Milieudefensie on behalf of the Climate Coalition for marketing purposes, Stichting Greenpeace Nederland and Vereniging Milieudefensie will need to remember your name in order to exclude you from future campaigns. If your request to delete your data cannot be complied with or cannot be complied with completely, Stichting Greenpeace Nederland or Vereniging Milieudefensie will inform you of the reason for this.


If you have subscribed to a digital newsletter on updates via e-mail, every e-mail contains a link that allows you to unsubscribe.

Personal Data Authority

Stichting Greenpeace Nederland and Vereniging Milieudefensie are happy to help you if you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data by Stichting Greenpeace Nederland and Vereniging Milieudefensie. Under the terms of the Privacy Act, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority about the processing activities of Stichting Greenpeace Nederland and Vereniging Milieudefensie. To do so, please contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (see for more information:


This Privacy Statement is drawn up in the Dutch language. It has been translated into English and French. In the event of any discrepancy between the English or French language version and the Dutch version, the Dutch version of this Privacy Statement will prevail. All terms used in this Privacy Statement are to be interpreted as Dutch law terms and in accordance with the AVG.


For questions about our Privacy Statement, please contact us at:

Stichting Greenpeace Nederland reserves the right to make amendments to this Privacy Statement. We recommend that you consult this Privacy Statement regularly in order to remain informed of any changes.